The SPREADS projetcs is French collaborative research project that started in 2007 and lasted until 2011. Its goal was the study a distributed backup system using a peer-to-peer network.

In some way, we could consider that [S]afer is a followup to the SPREADS project. However, the differences between the two systems are so many that they should be considered totally opposed.

Nevertheless, like the SPREADS project, and many other solutions, including RAID, [S]afer's backup uses Reed Solomon erasure coding techniques.

Everything else is different:

  • [S]afer assumes backed up data are always available at the source
  • [S]afer uses block-chains rather than Distributed Hash Tables
  • [S]afer supports NAT routers and uses IPv6 addressing
  • [S]afer uses block level backups rather than file level
  • [S]afer does not allow any other peer to restore the data of given peer
  • [S]afer implements incentives to enforce bandwidth sharing using active monitoring techniques
  • [S]afer targets in priority the home/personnal market

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