OceanStore is a research project initiated by Kubiatowicz et al. at UC Berkeley.

OceanStore paved the way of distributed torage in many ways, by introducing the idea of building a large network of untrusted peers. In short, it showed the feasibility of using large amount of resources available from many untrusted servers and still, be able to provide a reliable trusted service.

Some of the core principles of this kind of peer-to-peer storage are still in use in the [S]safer project, and in particular the idea of providing a safe storage using untrusted servers.

Though, many technical choices are different in [S]afer compared to OceanStore. One of the main is the fact that we are very careful to the amount of bandwidth used by the system. 

For example, OceanStore uses a variant of DHT-based routing (Plaxton's routing) that may require a message or request to be passed on from server to server. The [S]afer solution avoids this bandwidth overhead usage by trying to reach it's destination directly, without multi-hop routing.

Of course multi-hop routing in OceanStore had a purpose. It was meant to allow for scalability. [S]afer adresses the scalability issue, the ability to provide the service to a very large user community, using a toally different approach (undisclosed yet, patent pending).

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