2. An Advanced Storage System

2. An Advanced Storage System

The [S]afer box is a storage device with a very large capacity (up to 20TB internal, and even with additional external drives). It is designed for the whole family. We know how challenging it is to organize large amount of data and keep the space tidy on the long term. Our answer to this problem, is to provide an automatic partitioning of the storage, first by user and further by file categories. 

Within each partition (eg. Bob's photos), three sub-spaces are available, named "critical", "safe", and "unsafe". They define the level of backup service you want for your data: premium, best-effort, or no backup. For example, if Bob saves a photo in its "critical" space, then it will be backed up using the premium backup level. Premium backup is more expensive, but still much cheaper than any service you would purchase from the cloud, especially if you accept to share some of your ressources (as expected in a peer-to-peer system).

Eventually, on their computers and network connected devices (with conditions [*]), each user sees its partitions as separate independant network disks.

This way, Bob's photos and documents can easily be kept separate from Alice's. In addition, two common areas are provided, eg. for shared videos and documents. One is protected (eg.for adult-only material or docuements) and the other is open to all. 

What is different from other systems is that all of this can be done without any administration skills: all you need is to declare the user names and types (eg. adult or children) using a simple web form, and voilà, you're set to go! Each additional user get it's own virtual server automatically configured and partitioned. 

Thanks to a neat technique called "thin provisioning", you never have to worry about the amount of space to assign to partitions. As long as the disk is not full, the space left is available for everyone in all partitions.

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