1. A Multi-function Home Server

1. A Multi-function Home Server

The [S]afer box is a compact and neat device (20x20x6cm) that can hold from 4 to 20 TB of disk storage. With its fanless design, it is totally silent. 

Based on the latest technologies by Intel, it is has a very low energy consumption, but can attach simultaneously to no less than 3 screens or TVs (or projectors) with a resolution up to 4K on the HDMi connector, up to 2K FullHD on DVI, and up to 2048x1536 on D-SUB. It also offers the best audio performances with up to 7.1 HQ audio and an optical output.

It can be attached to your network either using a 1Gbit/s ethernet connection, or a high performance 802.11AC WiFi connection offering up to 867 Mbit/s.

Internally, it runs the Linux firmware. Its advanced technology supports multiple users and provides them with advanced storage services for all computer platforms (PC, MAC, and Linux).

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