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Let's all back each other up!

Working together to build a home-based data storage system for your whole family


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[SAFER] is a system that combines a Network Attached Storage device and a peer-to-peer backup service.

Together these work to provide a smooth, blazing fast, and yet virtually indestructible data storage system. It's large enough to cover the needs of a whole family for decades, and it's surprisingly affordable.

Our recommended device configuration is so silent (fanless) that it can be placed anywhere in your house, including the bedroom. With its high reslution display capabilities (up to 4K HD)  and HQ audio, it is certainly your TV's new best friend!

System Components

1. A Multi-function Home Server

The [S]afer box is connected to your home network. It provides a large capacity centralized storage and services to the whole family. With its advanced multimedia capabilities, it can be directly connected to your TV and serve as home cinema server.

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2. An Advanced Storage System

First and above all, [S]afer is a storage system. The home network-attached part of the system provides all you can expect from this kind of device in terms of performance, capacity, connectivity, and interfaces. What makes the difference, is what it does in addition for the price, that can only be found on the most advanced professional solutions, such as automatic file compression and deduplication, or versioning.

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3. A Peer-to-Peer Reliable Backup

Concentrating large amounts of data in a single device makes no sense without a serious backup plan in case the device fails. This is the last but most strategic part of the [S]afer Storage solution.

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Standard hardware

Because the hardware is part of a bullet-proof backup system, we can simply rely on reasonably priced, standard components. Even if a component breaks, your backup is safe.

Low cost service

Our service is at least 10 times cheaper than any existing cloud service that offers a large capacity backup service.

User friendly

Plug & play, zero administration required, operate through a simple web page or even with a TV remote.


The saved data are compressed and backed up automatically. When it's compressed you can gain up to 40% additional storage for free, with no loss of performance.

No single point of failure

Your data are encrypted and sharded at the source and redundant shards are created before they are sent to many different peers. The failure of any of these peers (even multiple of them) is not sufficient for your data to be lost.


The backups are based on a powerful snapshot mechanism that periodically captures new layers of incremental data. Each data layer can be used to access a view of your files at a given date or time (a-la TimeMachine).

Limited network usage

You can set your own ressource usage limits. We know how important it is for the family members or co-workers to be able to count on the full network capacity when needed.


Recover the space wasted by multiple copies of the same file. Even if they have been saved under different names, we will find them.

Preserve privacy

Our system makes it impossible for anyone to steal your data.



OceanStore paved the way of DHT-based large-scale P2P architectures for data storage.

Learn MoreJan 03, 1999


A research project sponsored by the French ANR that was a great source of inspiration for the design of [S]afer, even though it lead to totally different solution in the end.

Learn MoreJan 01, 2007


Wuala was one of the first peer-to-peer based storage solution to enter in commercial production. However it rapidly and increasingly relied on cloud servers, until a point where it merely relied on peers.

Learn MoreJan 01, 2008


A peer-to-peer based distributed storage system that implements a crypto-currency as a means for exchanging resources and services between peers.

Learn MoreJan 01, 2014

[S]afer research starts

The need for residential storage is growing but still no fully satisfactory solution availasble on the market. Let's do it!

Learn MoreJan 01, 2016

[S]afer Storage enters maturation

The research has made good progress, it's time to think about transfering to a startup company.

Learn MoreJan 01, 2018

[S]afer Storage startup creation

Let's start it up!

Learn MoreJan 01, 2019

[S]afer Beta release

Hopefully, we'll be ready to release our first beta version.

Learn MoreJan 01, 2020

[S]afer v1.0: 1st Commercial release

Tada!! (hopefully)

Learn MoreJan 01, 2021


Olivier Dalle

Technical lead, co-Founder

Université Nice Sophia Antipolis, Laboratoire I3S, UMR CNRS 7172

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Michaël Ferrec

Business lead, co-Founder

Formerly co-head of Einden (Software company), Chairman of the Poitiers-Chatellerault CJD (Young Leaders Network)

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